"Check your account data from anywhere?

Theo Braun, Relationship Manager


"Check your account data from anywhere?

Theo Braun, Relationship Manager

Flexible and secure – our digital solutions for your payments

e.client.next is our sleek solution for transferring data fast and securely over the Internet. The software and app make for a smooth interface between you and our transaction banking team, letting you keep track of all your payments. Thanks to EBICS, the standard used throughout Germany, BayernLB’s e.client.next is multibank-capable – which means that you can communicate with all your banks with just one piece of software. The inboxes/outboxes enable you to view the details of all completed orders over any period of time. Plus, with the BayernLB e.client.next app you can now access your account data and authorise payments when you’re on the go.

e.client.next App

With our lean, user-friendly app e.client.next you are always in control. You can look up your account statements in detail on your smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere. You can even retrieve your list of signatories and give the go-ahead for payments.  

Save now with e.client.next for your desktop

Benefit today from our web-based solution for your transaction banking needs. With e.client.next your processes are automated in an optimal way that saves you real costs. But we won’t let that happen without securing your data, of course: the data transfer encryptions and secured connection are in keeping with the latest IT security standards. Curious? Our e:Banking specialists will be happy to talk with you to find the right solution for your requirements. 


e.client.next for your desktop is as flexible as you are. Manage your foreign and domestic payments, including SEPA transfers and recurring payments, in just one application. And for your cash management needs, a detailed list of your accounts, advices, interim transaction reports and value-date balances will also be at your disposal. 

The transaction banking app

  • Display the details of your account statements
  • Access all signatories and payment authorisations using the EBICS VEU (distributed electronic signature)
  • View all advices
  • Integrate your banking relationships and accounts with all German financial institutions via EBICS (multi-bank capability)

Transaction banking software

  • Manually transfer payments files from financial accounting systems
  • Configurate the interface to financial accounting systems like SAP
  • Module for foreign/domestic payments transactions, including SEPA and recurring payments
  • Manage your cash: account overview, advices, interim transaction reports and value-date balances

Low system requirements

  • App: iOS 8.0 or higher. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch-compatible
  • Software: web-based; can run on Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Available in German, English & French